Milk Tracking System

Errors could not be solved due to the intense stress on the staff in order to transfer all the records into the notebook environment and then transfer it to the system.

The Goal of the Project

  • Entry
    • By eliminating all of today's technology, you can terminate the services of systematic system employees in all systems in the system.
  • Collection and Registration
    • The incoming milk is discharged into the sieve kettle and then the manufacturer reads his electronic card to the contactless sensor on the kiosk..
  • Measuring
    • The milk drawn into the main vessel is passed through special production valves with a precision of 0.003. This recording is taken into the system.
  • Main Tank
    • Ultrasonic sensors with sensitivity less than 1 mm transfer the tank's fill rate and temperature information to the center for 10-second periods.
  • Transport
    • The truck driver reads his card. Since the valve used in the purchase is bidirectional, one end of the truck is provided to fill the truck.
  • Processing
    • Road trucks are tracked at the machining center with location, heat states and estimated time to reach the center. Accordingly, the processing unit can program the program over the actual data