Smart Office Computers

All products are designed and developed by our engineers. All product development activities are carried out by our company's R & D team, and our company engineers are updated according to the demands of the solution partners in the furniture industry and according to the customer needs and adapted to the new trends.

Sound systems can be mounted on table and can be used with opening / closing modular panels.

Lighting systems projection systems and curtains can be managed according to purpose with the smart management console, which is controlled by the manager.

The screen on each computer can be shared with the main screen or other users' screens. For more than one meeting, only the presentation files need to be changed.

It offers facilities that can be used for completely different meetings during the day.

Ergonomic facilities can be provided in training rooms. The main backbone product in these systems,It is a computer and monitor systems designed as embedded in the table. The biggest advantage is that the desk can be used with the modular sound systems and computer systems that are needed when needed, and when the system is not needed, the whole table can be used by embedding the systems in the table.

Intelligent presentation panels can be equipped with all electrical and electronic systems of the hall or the installed areas.