About Us

Starting in 1994, our work in the IT sector started with the localization of PLC and automatic control systems.Until 1998, he continued his academic career with industry-specific automatic control units and sectoral software. Project management The individual works carried out until 1997 were reinforced by the project works with software actors in the sector and solutions produced for institutionalized customers. Our first company was established with the corporate identity from January 2002,Bilgiteknik has taken its place in the sector as computer and electronic systems. Since 2005, with the solutions to corporate customers produce products in Turkey's largest institutions, has begun to produce services and technologies. Our valued business relations and valued customer relations have been appreciated by our references. Our company, which has the principle of developing the project and developing the project, started to work in Istanbul in a very short period of time. has determined to be a center of excellence and solution for every business it operates.



Our mission it to offer our clients a better way of investment, based on long-term client relationships and a focus on quality of advice rather than quantity of services offered, we believe it is unique to find a true investment that is singularly focused on clients and not encumbered by bundled products. 

We provide an excellent service to all our customers along the way; we intend to provide our customers with the best service experience from beginning to end


Ending foreign dependency in electronic control systems and making our country a solution center

Developing software for communication protocols to control the electronic systems developed.

To produce the most economical and meaningful solution as soon as possible by considering the problems of our customers as our own.

To make the turnkey project concept known with the name of our company in the information sector